Bravo Housewives and the Products they Sell$$$.


Google Images

Google Images

Bethenny Frankel had an idea for a low-calorie ready-made margarita and the rest is history.  Bethenny Frankel used her Housewife Celeb platform to create Skinny Girl Margarita which she sold to Beam Global from anywhere from 100 million to 120 million. Not only did she  become a multimillion dollar business owner but she has her own brand.  In 2010 Bethenny took advantage of the fitness video circuit with Body by Bethenny and Skinny Girl Workout DVD in 2011.  Since then many of the Bravo Celebs are taking advantage of their Reality TV venue and are also coming out with their own products for us viewers to buy.

Skinnygirl Coctails

Skinnygirl OntheGo

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss launched Bedroom Kandi selling a new line of sex toys.  If you go on her site you can buy massagers, lubricants, candles, lingerie and instruction manuals for singles and couples for hours of bedroom play.

Bedroom Kandi

Phaedra Parks recently released her Phine Body by Phaedra & Apollo Donkey Booty Vol. 1  fitness DVD’s. Designed to offer complete body sculpting  Phaedra’s video became an best seller.

Phine Body by Phaedra & Apollo

NeNe Leakes has been trying out her designing skills for Shoedazzle with Nethia,  a metallic platform heel which was designed by NeNe Leakes herself.


Cynthia Bailey supermodel and actress not only has the Bailey Agency School of Design she also has Hair Couture by Cynthia Bailey selling a line of Moroccan, Indonesian, Brazilian, Malaysian hair weaves. Cynthia also offers viewers of her site to sell the weave products from their salons and homes with training provided.

The Bailey Agency School of Fashion

Hair Couture by Cynthia Bailey

Kenya Moore the latest member of the cast and former USA, did I say that right, USA? Kenya is taking advantage of her housewife celebrity status and recent business dispute with Phaedra Parks and has unveiled her Booty Bootcamp fitness DVD to be released next month on March 5th and Gone with the Wind Fabulous single.

Even Derek Jay the hairstylist of the Atlanta cast has jumped on the product bandwagon with his new song on ITunes titled Happy Burfday B*tch. He announced the song on twitter but I haven’t been able to find it myself. Hmmm.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Guidice the highest paid Housewife of the brand and definately the hustler of the bunch but according to a 2010 article in the New York Post court records shows Teresa Guidice owes 11 million dollars to creditors. Since then Teresa has been working her ass off with several New York Times Best Selling Cookbooks, Milania Professional Hair Care and Fabellini Sparkling Wine.

You can find all her products on her site Fabulicious

Caroline Manzo’s “Thick as thieves” family came out with Blk Spring Water Beverage infused with fulvic acid which turns the water black.  Some of the reviews for Blk Water  mentioned it was really good for hangovers because it’s filled with electrolytes. At $6 a bottle it is quite expensive but fans do the darndest thing for their favorite celeb. Also the Manzo’s have their own sauce labeled The Brownstone Sauce“.  Going for 7.99 to 9.00 this is the most expensive sauce I have seen but I have gone to the Brownstone and must admit that their sauce is amazing. I was actually craving it the next day after I left. If you have purchased The Brownstone Sauce please let me know if its as amazing as the sauce you purchase at the Brownstone itself.

Get Blk

The Brownstone Sauce

Melissa Gorga the sister-in-law of Teresa Guidice is my favorite housewife of the cast of the RHONJ. She’s young, spunky, not afraid to say what’s on her mind and makes me laugh hysterically. Married to Joe Gorga who loves his wife dearly and has her back 100% against his sisters’ wrath, its no secret that her book titled Love Italian Style is due to be released in the Fall. Melissa also has all her hits “On Display”, “I Just Wanna” and “Rockstar” on itunes. Good Luck Melissa, with a sister-in-law like Teresa Guidice she needs all the luck she can get.

Melissa Itune Hits

Kathy Wakile the cousin of Teresa Guidice, also on the cast of RHONJ tried her entrepreneurial skills on QVC with a Canoli Kit.  The mom of two makes the most deliciuous looking pastries on the show so you think she would have a cookbook but I guess a canoli kit would do.

Canoli Kit at QVC

Real Housewives of New York

Ramona Singer should walk around with Pinot on IV. It would save her assistant so much time from being called to have it ASAP.  Ramona has so many different names for her products instead of one name for her brand that it gets a bit confusing. Ramona has Tru Renewal Skin Care, True Faith Jewelry, Ramona Pinot Grigio and ramona Collections.

To find all of Ramona’s products, go to her site Ramona Singers/ Products

Sonja Morgan talked about a toaster oven but that idea looks like its placed on hold!

Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki Gunvalson has her own business Coto Insurance and Financial Services and Wines by Wives which is a monthly service where you get wine picked by your favorite celeb once a month. Tamra Barney is listed on the site but I read that she recently left the business.

Wines by Wives

Gretchen Rossi has her hand in many things as well. Gretchen Rossi Cosmetics, Hair Products, Air Brush Tan in a Can , Gretchen’s Closet where you can buy her old clothes, Wines by Wives,  Unbreakable on Itunes a song inspired by Slades son with brain cancer and the Gretchen Christine Collection.

You can find all of her products on her site

The Gretchen Shop

Wine by Wives is a montly wine service where you pick your favorite celebrity and they will advice you on what wine to buy. Some of the wives involved in this venue are Carla Facciolo Mob Wives, Adriana De Moura RHOM, and Traci DiMarco Jerseylicious . For a monthly fee plus shipping and handling you will receive the wine of your choice.

Wines by Wives


NeNe Leakes “I Won’t Stop Until I Reach The Top”, google images, google images

According to RealityTea NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey and Greg attended the midnight Valentine ‘s Day wedding ceremony of celebrity wedding designer Preston Bailey to Grammy nominated singer Theo Blackman. The wedding took place on the top of the Empire State Building.  Officiating the ceremony was comedian Joan Rivers. Among the many celebrities who attended was Martha Stewart.

Nene recently tweeted that the New Normal is coming back on Tuesday the 19th at 9:30 pm and you can also catch her on Tuesday on Celebrity Week of the Price is Right.  The proceeds of her winnings will go to “Saving Our Daughters” which is a nonprofit organizations that empowers teen age girls.

Nene also tweeted “Something inside me won’t stop until I reach the top! I GOT THIS” .  The New Normal, RHOA, Glee and Co-hosting on the View and not to forget The Celebrity Apprentice in which she received the infamous ” Trump Check”  and hob nobbing with the Rich and Famous with Tyler Perry’s number on her contact list (althought it had been changed im pretty sure she has the new number), it doesn’t seem appear that her tweet is false…NeNe is not going to stop until she reaches the top and it looks likes she already there!  You go Glamma, you’re an inspiration to us all!

Joe Gorga RHONJ Sizzle on Route 46

Source of pic : US Magazine

Source of pic : US Magazine

US Magazine announced that Joe Gorga has his gorgeous torso on a billboard for Sizzle Tanning Salon.  The billboard is located in Totowa, NJ, off of Route 46 which ironically happens to be near the home of his sister and cast mate Theresa Guidice of RHONJ.  But what could Theresa possible say as she also appeared in an ad for Sizzle Tanning Salon back in 2010?  According to US the NJ based compahy has locations in East Hanover, Morris Plains, Totowa, West Caldwell and Rockaway.  Snooki of the Jersey Shore has also worked with Sizzle.  Us states that Guidice is not happy about her brother’s ad. “theresa is pissed that everyone is congratulating Joe on twitter’, the source for the magazine says.  To read about all the specials Sizzle Tanning has to offer read their site

It’s unfortunate that these two familes war still continues with Theresa being the source of all the families drama. What happened to the days of being happy for a family members success? Theresa Guidice jealousy is destroying this family and im really upset that these two families can’t get over whatever it is that is causing this feud, atleast for all the children that are involved in this mess. We have seen Gia, Theresa’s oldest daughter on many occassions making fun of her Aunt Melissa Gorga and the things that she has said in the past you know has come from the mouths of the adults in her family. And then you see Gia become real emotional as she reads a letter to the families at her sister’s birthday party about how upset she is over all the drama. Joe Guidice has refered to Melissa as horseface and made many slanderous allegations of Melissa’s character. Theresa herself has gone out of her way to destroy Melissa’s reputation on national tv. The minute the camera’s start rolling Melissa gets hit with some slam against her character especially during ” Strippergate ” where   Theresa allegedly had an ex employer of Melissa’s come on tv just to out her about allegedly being a former stripper. Looks like more drama is yet to be seen this season. An ex-boyfriend of Melissa will apear on the show bearing yet again bad news about Melissa’s past.

I am for you Melissa all the way. I think what is happening to you is so wrong and although Theresa is family she sure isnt acting like it and maybe its time for her to cease and desist from all the slanderous remarks against your character which is meant to hurt you personally but professionally as well. It’s time for Theresa to stop the madness and move on. You would think 4 children and such a budding career would occupy her mind but I guess there is still room in it for hate, jealousy and vendicitiveness.  You do you, Melissa..your fans still think you’re great!

ITalkRealityTV News of the Week: “Buckwild” Star Salwa Amin arrested on Felony Drug Charges

Pic from Google Images

Pic from Google Images

TMZ reported the news that Salwa Amin of MTV’s new Realityshow ” Buckwild” was arrested on felony drug charges. TMZ says she was popped for drug possession with intent to deliver which is a felony. According to Starcasm, Salwa was charged with four felony counts of drug of drug possession with intent to distribute. The judge gave her a 200,000 bond for her release which according to her was very steep for someone with no prior arrests. Read the transcript on

Buckwild is a show on MTV about kids from West Virginia having a hillbilly good ole time. From riding on garbage can lids on a back of a quad to bucking it swimming in the back of a dump truck with mattessess as cushions, MTV”S redneck version of the Jersey Shore was such a hit that MTV was talking about a second season of the show. Salwa was not your typical redneck. A beautiful girl who wore high heals in the mud and obvious Asian decent made her a different type of your stereotypical redneck. Unfortunately she got herself involved with antics that could put her away for a very long time. Salwa, your in my prayers girl and I hope to see you on next seasons Buckwild.  MTV spokeswomen Candice Ashton doesn’t have any comments about the areest of Amin. says “the show has drawn critism for what some see as a negative portrayal of the state’s youth”.

To me the show is about a bunch of kids having a good time. I have to admit it bought out the inner hillbilly in me making me want to go out and ride a quad or get my breast painted to go clubbin. Every show you was givin an inside view of what kids in West Virginia do to pass their time. Quad riding, Buckin which is swimming in a large dump truck, shooting soda bottles and water sliding down the hills of Virginia didn’t appear to me to be negative at all. It actually was a brush of fresh air from the drama you see in some reality shows like “Black Ink” where fighting is the only thing these people do in a small harlem tatoo shop. There are always going to be those critics who find the negative in things portrayed on tv but compared to many shows we watch this show isn’t bad at all. All it is a time for the kids of West Virginia to go “Buckwild”.

(Pic from

Housewives of Beverly Hills…Tea with the Witches

Google Images, Wetpaint

Google Images, Wetpaint

Looks like Yolanda and Brandi have become really good friends. Yolanda says she likes Brandi because of her honesty. Yolanda is the newest member of the Housewives cast and since joining the women she has had a lot to say. Since Yolanda is known for not mincing words it would only make since that she would befriend Brandi who has no filter for the truth herself.  As the ladies were watching Yolanda’s daughter ride her horse, Yolanda says so sadly “I wish I had more money to put into her sport, most kids here have 2-3 horses, I can only afford 1 for her”.  Only Yolanda could confess to a Brandi, a single mother of two who is hustling so hard to make it that she could only afford one horse for her child.  Does this woman think before she speak or does having money fog the “think before you speak” meter in her mind?  Brandi whose brain is usually in the clouds anyway unless she’s causing drama just responds by saying “How old is she”?  Then they go into the the law suit that Adrienne has against Brandi and this time Yolanda says something that I agree with 100%. Yolanda says “Adrienne is using her little girl powers to intimidate people in this group (meaning Brandi since she is the only one in the group who isn’t rich) and I just don’t think that’s cool. If she had balls and felt strongly about her conviction she would pick up the phone and call you and say I don’t like that you did this, this, and this”.  Picking up the phone and discussing your issues doesn’t seem like that’s the way it’s done in Beverly Hills. I guess picking up the phone and calling your attorney and suing is the way to resolve issues. “Who is Adrienne Maloof in this world? In the big picture she’s nobody”. That is a true statement, who is Adrienne Maloof?  What has she contributed to this world?

Now on to the Tea Party. Lisa Vanderpump invites all the women to a tea party at Villa Rosa, Lisa’s multimillion dollar estate.  When Brandi arrives Lisa who is known for keeping it real herself warns Brandi to “Keep a lid on it. The last time you opened your mouth it cost you 20,000”.  Aint that the truth. Taylor Armstrong arrives bearing gifts and of course it couldn’t be a bottle of Crystal but a vibrator for Lisa’s use. Go figure, its Taylor, who knows what goes on in that head.

Then arrives Marisa Zanuck, Kyle’s friend who is constantly talking about her miserable she is with her husband at every event. Again she goes into yet another conversation about her miserable her sex life is and states that “after having sex with him (meaning her husband) for 16 years it would be nice for a change”. Then she knocks it out the park by saying “I just say what every bitch is thinking, I wanna have sex with someone else”.  Since I am part of every woman I just wanna say that I don’t think like that. This women needs to get laid right away by someone else so she could change that constipated look on her face. What do you think, maybe a quickie will do?

On their black broom arrives Adriene Maloof, Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick the 3 wicked witches from the Hills. I know why Adriene and Kyle was there but why did Faye Resnick decide to appear?  My opinion is Adriene called Kyle and told her to bring Faye so she could have as many people on her side as possible. She knows from other events that Faye has a big mouth and has a way of affecting Brandi. Bringing Faye as an intimidation tool because she knows Faye is Brandi’s kryptonite is really foul even for Adriene.

As the women toast to having so much to be thankful for Lisa tells Brandi to cheer to Adriene but of course that doesn’t go over to well. Each woman is then given a gift by Lisa which appears to be designer printed bath robes, Adriene takes her gift, looks at Faye Resnick and throws it on the back of her chair. I guess Adriene really hasn’t gotten over her tiff with Lisa by the look on her face. Then someone says something about suing, I really couldnt tell if it was Taylor or Kyle because the camera wasnt on the initiator and then at that one moment sh– hits the fan. Kyle talks about the white party and of course Taylor makes it about her bringing up how she was turned away from Kyle’s last white party because of a lawsuit that was intiated by her now deceased husband. Kyle apologizes once again and then Adriene says she is not suing Brandi. Then Taylor says Brandi received a letter and Adriene says “there is no letter, look at her character”. Taylor then asks Brandi if she received a letter and Brandi responds that a letter was sent to her attorney.  Adriene says she didn’t send a letter and there was no law suite. Camille out of the blue sides with Adriene and says their is no lawsuit. Then there’s a discussion about a tweet about someone on Adriene staff named Bernie who apparently said something about Brandi which Adriene denied but Bravo posted a tweet for everyone to see that Adriene herself wrote admitting that she knew about the issue.  Lawsuit, no lawsuit who is telling the truth? Did Brandi only receive a cease and desist and is blowing it out of proportion? Is Adriene just a delusional liar who does bad things behind closed doors but want to appear another way when cameras are rolling? Only thing I can say is Adriene Maloof appeared to be a very nice woman who stayed out of drama who always wanted resolutions in the prior seasons and now she’s showing another side of her that appears to be malicious, vindictive and honestly pathetic. The truth about this lawsuit will hopefully come out in future episodes but until then I am team Brandi for now.

All pics from google images

Is Porsha Stewart as ” Dumb as Rocks” as She Appears on RHOA?

kenya mooreTonights RHOA really wasn’t too entertaining but was actually informative. Kenya Moore’s doctor found 2 lumps on her breast during her annual mammography. In tonight’s episode you see her get a biopsy of the lumps and thank God the results were benign. It is very important that all women especially women with a family history of cancer to check their breast for anything that they feel that is not normal. 1 in 5 people will be diagnosed with cancer, that is serious, and the earlier you find out the better the outcome will be. The doctor said something that sound strange to me. She said that Kenya had a lot of scar tissue in her breast. When a women has scar tissue in their breast its usually because they have breast implants. Didn’t Kenya say she was all natural. I think that was just another lie that has come to lite about Kenya.

Kandi Burruss is seaching once again for a new business endeavor. This time Kandi wants to get her hands, I mean her voice into gospel music. Whatever happened to her wanting to get into country music? I guess that didn’t go to well. Not everyone can be Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish. Personally I don’t think Kandi can sing. She is a good writer and producer but singing is not good for her. She has this raspy, whinny voice that doesn’t sound good to music. People who sing gospel have soulful voices. Sorry Kandi, but you dont have the soulful voice that works well with Gospel. Next.

Phaedra and Kandi have become besties since they have one thing in common; a common dislike for Kenya Moore. So Phaedra took time out of her busy day (what is it that Phaedra does?) to go to Kandi’s house to talk about Kenya. Once again Phaedra resorted to name calling like a 9 year old calling Kenya dillusional and said her booty was a “home depot booty”. According to Phaedra she is not bothered by Kenya Moore’s antics but we all know that is not true. When you constantly talk about someone who you say is no concern to you that person usally is.

Porsha Stewart RHOA

Porsha Porsha Porsha. I guess Porsha was trying to let the viewers see that she has mommy skills but it all backfired when she bought her little niece on the show. My hand was over my mouth the whole time she was holding the baby. She definately has never held a baby before and it was weird that her niece reacted like Porsha was a stranger who had picked her up off the streets by crying hysterically while wannabe mom was holding her. Porsha seemed really annoyed by the baby crying and began yelling for the babies sister to come get her. Isn’t this the woman who wants twins? Hmmm. Her brother wasn’t that stupid, he made sure he sent backup when he left his daughter with his sister. Porsha’s brother just had a baby girl, Kamaya 8lbs 11 0zs. I think Porsha needs to practice with this new baby because she has no motherly skills, instincts, nothing. So Cynthia is trying to have a meeting with Porsha regarding her upcoming pageant, and ditzy Porsha thought it was more important to talk to her cleaning service about the amount of dishes that were in the dishwasher and making sure the pool was clean. Cynthia just had enough with Porsha’s stupidity and laxed attitude and fired Porsha. Porsha is not the brightest tool in the shed and since she has never worked, employment is probably not on the top of her list.

We also saw a side of Kordell tonight that we haven’t seen before. As Porsha was telling him about her recent talk with Cynthia, Kordell with his most fatherly tone said “Did you hear what I just say” what did I say” He then told his dumb wife what is my slogan and she said “guilty until proven guilty”. Oh no Porsha, are you seriously that dumb. The fact that Porsha can’t have people in her house that her husband doesn’t know is a sign that someone may have somewhat of a control issue. That’s not a husband that’s a father if you ask me. I think Kordell has issues that we are slowly begining to see. If anyone remembers, I do because I was a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan their was rumors/gossip about Kordell being caught by the police with a man in a park while he played for Pittsburgh. Kordell denied the rumors and held a meeting with the team telling them to hold on to their wives because he may want to prove a point. Remember this was never proven so it may or may not be true.  Honestly his reponse to it was strange, what is that going to prove? Gay men can have sex with a woman but still be gay.  In 2011 Kordell was arrested for driving with a suspended license, speeding and failure to appear. I never understood why people with the most stuff hidden in the closet like to do reality shows knowing that everything and anything will be revealed. I tried to find out something relevant, anything about Porsha besides being the grandaughter of Hosea Williams and her hand in certain charitable events and while looking I did find out that little Mrs charity and granddaughter of a civil rights leader did have her booty in a Thrillville Video. Atlanta Dymes said that Porsha was one of their booty models not even that long ago. According to Straight from the A,” Porsha appeared in one of their 2005 calendar projects and they have pics and videos to prove it”. What else are we going to find out about little Mrs Perfect who had less than kind words about Kenya Moore doing the same thing. I guess playing dumb and naive will be one way of handling all the recent skeletons coming out of the Stewarts closet. Read Straight from the A

And where was NeNe Leakes? She was only on tonight for a very brief second. I must admit the show hasn’t been the same without her and with Kenya out of commission and the show focusing on dumb dumb tonight I have to admit I dozed off a couple of time. But we do have the reunion to look forward too and Kim Zolciak said she is going to appear to set people straight. AlIthough Kim is not on the show she is using twitter to make herself seem relevant. What ever happened to “Tardy for the” her new show? What do you think about Porsha? Do you think she is really as dumb as she appears?

( Porsha’s and Kenya’s pic from google images)

Poor Melissa Gorga…..Theresa Just Wont Give This Poor GIrl a Break

Mellissa Gorga

The minute the camera’s start rolling on the RHONJ Theresa Guidice goes for the juglar when attacking the mother of her niece and nephew Melissa Gorga.  According to Perez Hilton Melissa Gorga is in the middle of a tornado. An ex boyfriend of Melissa apparently shows up on RHONJ ready to cause havic and destroy Melissa.  On January 13 he tweeted “I remember the Friday night u said 2 me stop seeing other girls or I will marry that millionaire.3 months lata you were married LOL shallIstart”. I honestly dont know what this tweet is suppose to mean. It sounds like the rants of someone who wants his 5 minutes of fame by trying to make himself relevant by trying to destroy someone’s life.  Theresa is doing anything and everything to try to destroy Melissa’s character and destroy her sister-in-laws marriage. Last season an ex employer of Melissa tries to demean Melissa by saying she was a stripper. For the first time we get to see Joe Guidice brother, apparently he’s an asshole like his brother, but even he was there for stripper gate. All of the idiots were surrounded together high fiving Theresa for trying to destroy Melissa but it didnt work and Theresa looked like vengeful person we all know her to be.  Read more about Melissa’s ex tweeting rampage

Last season ended with a lot drama and alot of dramatic tweets. Theresa tried to blame Jacqueline Laurita for the whole stripper gate thing and that caused Jacqueline to have a nervous breakdown. Then Jacqueline took to twitter attacking Theresa for not being a friend and it appears that the feuds with the families continue. Caroline Manzo is just fed up with all the drama and just wants to be civil with Theresa, but as far as being friends again that doesn’t look like its ever going to happen. It’s for the best, the Guidices are not people you would want in your life.

According to Radar Online Theresa will be testifying for her husband Joe in his upcoming DMV fraud trial. Would you expect anything less from Theresa. This is a women who is in denial about her husband cheating so of course she would go to his rescue.

Looks like things aren’t going well with Theresa and Joe Gorga as well. The examine states that Theresa and Joe was at a party for Kim D to showcase her costume jewelry line. Kim D’ assistant Maria Sancilio tried to get the two to kiss and make up and it backfired. Joe told the assistant “Shut  up and get F* out of here”.  Joe seemed to be upset because Theresa didnt call him while he was in the hospital and in true Theresa fashion she blamed Melissa. “Why didn’t your wife tell me”. The argument ensued and Joe and Melissa left. Looks like stripper gate was a mere walk in the park compared to what we will see this season.

Pic from Google Images