Derek Jae hits Itunes

Derk Jae the hairdresser extraordinaire of the Housewives of Atlanta announced today he has his first single on Itunes titled “Happy Burfday B*tch“.

There is always something written in the media about NeNe Leakes leaving the Housewives Franchise but that is not going to happen. NeNe knows the price of being rich and famous is hefty so why would she leave the job that probably gives her the most income. NeNe likes the nicer things in life which she has gained as a result of her instant fame with the Housewives so I don’t see her leaving anytime soon.

Jen the Pen of Love & Hip Hop during an argument that esculated on the show last week with Raqi Thunda said being white makes her entitled and she will get a job before a person of color because she is white. Twitter viewers went insane with her comment but I didn’t see anything wrong with it because it was true. That was the first time in history that a white person acknowledged that being white is a priviledge and unfortunately it really is. What I have to say to African Americans who was upset with her comment is not call Jen names on twitter do something so that her comment is not a truth.



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