Bachelor 17.. High School Drama

Bachelor 17 CastI haven’t watched the Bachelor series since the very first season of the show aired but I did watch the Bachelorette with Emily Maynard and I really liked Sean Lowe. When I heard that he was going to be the new Bachelor I figured I would give the Bachelor series another try because he is such a nice guy. Unfortunately this poor guy got stuck with the biggest emotionally messed up women that could ever apply to be on a reality show besides the dysfunctional wrecks that appear on the Bad Girls Club. The crying, the sob stories, the handicap girl with one arm and all her handicap storeis who talked like she was high as hell and the petty high school bullcrap made you wish you knew Sean personally so you could call him on his cell and tell him to run like Forest Gump as fast as he could. Believe me im not poking fun on anyone who is disabled but everytime this girl had a chance to be alone with Sean she made it a sob story about her disability. Im sorry, it became quite annoying. Then when Sean said he didnt have a bond with her and asked her to leave once again the sobbing commenced. If everyone you date breaks up with you maybe it has nothing to do with you being disabled, look at Aviva Drescher from the RHONY she’s happily married and missing one leg, maybe its you and your pity party stories and not the disability.

Once Tierra received the first rose before the rose ceremony on the very first night of the show a bulls eye was put on her back. As each week progressed, as women do, they chose one women to focus all their attention on and that was Tierra.  You forgot about poor Sean because it all of a sudden became the Tierra show. “She only talks to us when the camera’s on”, “she’s not trying to make friends”, “she could be friends with you and still be friends with the girls too”.  Are you kidding me? All of you women are suppose to be there for Sean Lowe and thats it.  Who cares if someone on the cast doesn’t want to be your friends. I wouldn’t care if Tierra was picking her nose playing the banjo my focus would have been on Sean. It’s unfortunate that these women took a good experience and ruined it by focusing so much on Tierra. I wouldn’t care what Tierra did to the women.  She wasn’t there to make friends. And finally someone on the Bachelor didn’t have a problem dating black women and the one black girl who had a chanceto be with Sean had to be the leader of the pack when it came to bullying Tierra. These women don’t realize to sane people who hate bullies that attacking one girl shows alot about their character. Who cares if Tierra wants attention, who cares if she is needy, that shouldn’t be anyones concern. As long as she wasn’t screwing another guy in her hotel room what she did to get Sean’s attention shouldn’t be anyones concern. I honestly hope for his sake that he doesn’t end up with any of these women

Then theirs Selma. Who goes on a Reality Show about finding love and can’t kiss because it may upset their parents. If anything people should be looking at her intentions for being on the show. If you can’t be affectionate with someone on a show where you know the person is looking to find a possible wife then why would you be on the show? Being with a celebrity means you will spend alot of time in front of the camera. If you can’t be emotionally affectionate with the person you love in front of the camera then what are your intentions for being on the show? Maybe Sean felt the same way thats why he told her goodbye.  In regards to all the women on the show, petty, emotional, and vendictive aren’t wonderful assets for any wife to have and especially not for any guy who is a sweet and genuine as Sean Lowe.

Theresa Guidice..The Drama Already Begins

The Real Housewives of New Jersey started filming Season 5 in December and already the media is printing about all the drama surrounding Theresa Guidice. Isn’t it a coincidence that once the show starts filming Teresa finds away to surround herself with drama. According to Wetpaint Teresa filmed scenes with Kim D. Honestly, are we surprised? Kim D and drama go hand and hand. According to Perez Hilton the Melissa, Teresa saga never cease to ends. A former boyfriend of Melissa, Bryan Bulldog, comes on the show, most likely at Teresa’s request and has some information to once again rip Melissa apart. I think its sad that Teresa has so much anger and jealousy towards the mother of her neice and nephews and seems to always want to destroy her character on tv. Now Teresa and Joe are talking about having another child. Seriously is it fair to throw another child into this mess. It appeared from the previous season that Gia was already playing mommy to the other children is it fair to burden this young little girl who is already an emotional mess over all this drama, with another child?  I do give Theresa a lot of credit. Knowone can say this woman doesn’t hustle. Her wine, cookbooks, hair product line and anything else she has on the table is definately from the efforts of a hard working woman. Having to pay close to 11 million dollars to the government or face going to jail is another major obstacle but she and Joe did lie to the Bankruptcy court by witholding income and assets in their claim. Also Joe should still should be facing DMV fraud because he obtained a license illegally and was saved by Hurricane Sandy from going to court. I haven’t heard anything more about those charges but they should still exist. These are the things Theresa should be thinking about instead of using so much energy on destroying her sister-in-law. I think Karma is a bigger bitch than Theresa Guidice and being mean, spiteful and vendictive has a way of turning around on you so Theresa better be careful because life has a funny way at not looking too kindly on people who are mean and evil for sport. Anyway, looks like their is loads of drama headed our way with this season of the RHONJ. Can’t wait to see what else is in store.


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