Poor Melissa Gorga…..Theresa Just Wont Give This Poor GIrl a Break

Mellissa Gorga

The minute the camera’s start rolling on the RHONJ Theresa Guidice goes for the juglar when attacking the mother of her niece and nephew Melissa Gorga.  According to Perez Hilton Melissa Gorga is in the middle of a tornado. An ex boyfriend of Melissa apparently shows up on RHONJ ready to cause havic and destroy Melissa.  On January 13 he tweeted “I remember the Friday night u said 2 me stop seeing other girls or I will marry that millionaire.3 months lata you were married LOL shallIstart”. I honestly dont know what this tweet is suppose to mean. It sounds like the rants of someone who wants his 5 minutes of fame by trying to make himself relevant by trying to destroy someone’s life.  Theresa is doing anything and everything to try to destroy Melissa’s character and destroy her sister-in-laws marriage. Last season an ex employer of Melissa tries to demean Melissa by saying she was a stripper. For the first time we get to see Joe Guidice brother, apparently he’s an asshole like his brother, but even he was there for stripper gate. All of the idiots were surrounded together high fiving Theresa for trying to destroy Melissa but it didnt work and Theresa looked like vengeful person we all know her to be.  Read more about Melissa’s ex tweeting rampage http://perezhilton.com/2013-02-01-melissa-gorga-real-housewives-new-jersey-secrets-ex-boyfriend-revealed/?from=readmore_perezhilton&more=yes#more-364600

Last season ended with a lot drama and alot of dramatic tweets. Theresa tried to blame Jacqueline Laurita for the whole stripper gate thing and that caused Jacqueline to have a nervous breakdown. Then Jacqueline took to twitter attacking Theresa for not being a friend and it appears that the feuds with the families continue. Caroline Manzo is just fed up with all the drama and just wants to be civil with Theresa, but as far as being friends again that doesn’t look like its ever going to happen. It’s for the best, the Guidices are not people you would want in your life.

According to Radar Online Theresa will be testifying for her husband Joe in his upcoming DMV fraud trial. Would you expect anything less from Theresa. This is a women who is in denial about her husband cheating so of course she would go to his rescue.

Looks like things aren’t going well with Theresa and Joe Gorga as well. The examine states that Theresa and Joe was at a party for Kim D to showcase her costume jewelry line. Kim D’ assistant Maria Sancilio tried to get the two to kiss and make up and it backfired. Joe told the assistant “Shut  up and get F* out of here”.  Joe seemed to be upset because Theresa didnt call him while he was in the hospital and in true Theresa fashion she blamed Melissa. “Why didn’t your wife tell me”. The argument ensued and Joe and Melissa left. Looks like stripper gate was a mere walk in the park compared to what we will see this season.

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