Is Porsha Stewart as ” Dumb as Rocks” as She Appears on RHOA?

kenya mooreTonights RHOA really wasn’t too entertaining but was actually informative. Kenya Moore’s doctor found 2 lumps on her breast during her annual mammography. In tonight’s episode you see her get a biopsy of the lumps and thank God the results were benign. It is very important that all women especially women with a family history of cancer to check their breast for anything that they feel that is not normal. 1 in 5 people will be diagnosed with cancer, that is serious, and the earlier you find out the better the outcome will be. The doctor said something that sound strange to me. She said that Kenya had a lot of scar tissue in her breast. When a women has scar tissue in their breast its usually because they have breast implants. Didn’t Kenya say she was all natural. I think that was just another lie that has come to lite about Kenya.

Kandi Burruss is seaching once again for a new business endeavor. This time Kandi wants to get her hands, I mean her voice into gospel music. Whatever happened to her wanting to get into country music? I guess that didn’t go to well. Not everyone can be Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish. Personally I don’t think Kandi can sing. She is a good writer and producer but singing is not good for her. She has this raspy, whinny voice that doesn’t sound good to music. People who sing gospel have soulful voices. Sorry Kandi, but you dont have the soulful voice that works well with Gospel. Next.

Phaedra and Kandi have become besties since they have one thing in common; a common dislike for Kenya Moore. So Phaedra took time out of her busy day (what is it that Phaedra does?) to go to Kandi’s house to talk about Kenya. Once again Phaedra resorted to name calling like a 9 year old calling Kenya dillusional and said her booty was a “home depot booty”. According to Phaedra she is not bothered by Kenya Moore’s antics but we all know that is not true. When you constantly talk about someone who you say is no concern to you that person usally is.

Porsha Stewart RHOA

Porsha Porsha Porsha. I guess Porsha was trying to let the viewers see that she has mommy skills but it all backfired when she bought her little niece on the show. My hand was over my mouth the whole time she was holding the baby. She definately has never held a baby before and it was weird that her niece reacted like Porsha was a stranger who had picked her up off the streets by crying hysterically while wannabe mom was holding her. Porsha seemed really annoyed by the baby crying and began yelling for the babies sister to come get her. Isn’t this the woman who wants twins? Hmmm. Her brother wasn’t that stupid, he made sure he sent backup when he left his daughter with his sister. Porsha’s brother just had a baby girl, Kamaya 8lbs 11 0zs. I think Porsha needs to practice with this new baby because she has no motherly skills, instincts, nothing. So Cynthia is trying to have a meeting with Porsha regarding her upcoming pageant, and ditzy Porsha thought it was more important to talk to her cleaning service about the amount of dishes that were in the dishwasher and making sure the pool was clean. Cynthia just had enough with Porsha’s stupidity and laxed attitude and fired Porsha. Porsha is not the brightest tool in the shed and since she has never worked, employment is probably not on the top of her list.

We also saw a side of Kordell tonight that we haven’t seen before. As Porsha was telling him about her recent talk with Cynthia, Kordell with his most fatherly tone said “Did you hear what I just say” what did I say” He then told his dumb wife what is my slogan and she said “guilty until proven guilty”. Oh no Porsha, are you seriously that dumb. The fact that Porsha can’t have people in her house that her husband doesn’t know is a sign that someone may have somewhat of a control issue. That’s not a husband that’s a father if you ask me. I think Kordell has issues that we are slowly begining to see. If anyone remembers, I do because I was a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan their was rumors/gossip about Kordell being caught by the police with a man in a park while he played for Pittsburgh. Kordell denied the rumors and held a meeting with the team telling them to hold on to their wives because he may want to prove a point. Remember this was never proven so it may or may not be true.  Honestly his reponse to it was strange, what is that going to prove? Gay men can have sex with a woman but still be gay.  In 2011 Kordell was arrested for driving with a suspended license, speeding and failure to appear. I never understood why people with the most stuff hidden in the closet like to do reality shows knowing that everything and anything will be revealed. I tried to find out something relevant, anything about Porsha besides being the grandaughter of Hosea Williams and her hand in certain charitable events and while looking I did find out that little Mrs charity and granddaughter of a civil rights leader did have her booty in a Thrillville Video. Atlanta Dymes said that Porsha was one of their booty models not even that long ago. According to Straight from the A,” Porsha appeared in one of their 2005 calendar projects and they have pics and videos to prove it”. What else are we going to find out about little Mrs Perfect who had less than kind words about Kenya Moore doing the same thing. I guess playing dumb and naive will be one way of handling all the recent skeletons coming out of the Stewarts closet. Read Straight from the A

And where was NeNe Leakes? She was only on tonight for a very brief second. I must admit the show hasn’t been the same without her and with Kenya out of commission and the show focusing on dumb dumb tonight I have to admit I dozed off a couple of time. But we do have the reunion to look forward too and Kim Zolciak said she is going to appear to set people straight. AlIthough Kim is not on the show she is using twitter to make herself seem relevant. What ever happened to “Tardy for the” her new show? What do you think about Porsha? Do you think she is really as dumb as she appears?

( Porsha’s and Kenya’s pic from google images)


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