Housewives of Beverly Hills…Tea with the Witches

Google Images, Wetpaint

Google Images, Wetpaint

Looks like Yolanda and Brandi have become really good friends. Yolanda says she likes Brandi because of her honesty. Yolanda is the newest member of the Housewives cast and since joining the women she has had a lot to say. Since Yolanda is known for not mincing words it would only make since that she would befriend Brandi who has no filter for the truth herself.  As the ladies were watching Yolanda’s daughter ride her horse, Yolanda says so sadly “I wish I had more money to put into her sport, most kids here have 2-3 horses, I can only afford 1 for her”.  Only Yolanda could confess to a Brandi, a single mother of two who is hustling so hard to make it that she could only afford one horse for her child.  Does this woman think before she speak or does having money fog the “think before you speak” meter in her mind?  Brandi whose brain is usually in the clouds anyway unless she’s causing drama just responds by saying “How old is she”?  Then they go into the the law suit that Adrienne has against Brandi and this time Yolanda says something that I agree with 100%. Yolanda says “Adrienne is using her little girl powers to intimidate people in this group (meaning Brandi since she is the only one in the group who isn’t rich) and I just don’t think that’s cool. If she had balls and felt strongly about her conviction she would pick up the phone and call you and say I don’t like that you did this, this, and this”.  Picking up the phone and discussing your issues doesn’t seem like that’s the way it’s done in Beverly Hills. I guess picking up the phone and calling your attorney and suing is the way to resolve issues. “Who is Adrienne Maloof in this world? In the big picture she’s nobody”. That is a true statement, who is Adrienne Maloof?  What has she contributed to this world?

Now on to the Tea Party. Lisa Vanderpump invites all the women to a tea party at Villa Rosa, Lisa’s multimillion dollar estate.  When Brandi arrives Lisa who is known for keeping it real herself warns Brandi to “Keep a lid on it. The last time you opened your mouth it cost you 20,000”.  Aint that the truth. Taylor Armstrong arrives bearing gifts and of course it couldn’t be a bottle of Crystal but a vibrator for Lisa’s use. Go figure, its Taylor, who knows what goes on in that head.

Then arrives Marisa Zanuck, Kyle’s friend who is constantly talking about her miserable she is with her husband at every event. Again she goes into yet another conversation about her miserable her sex life is and states that “after having sex with him (meaning her husband) for 16 years it would be nice for a change”. Then she knocks it out the park by saying “I just say what every bitch is thinking, I wanna have sex with someone else”.  Since I am part of every woman I just wanna say that I don’t think like that. This women needs to get laid right away by someone else so she could change that constipated look on her face. What do you think, maybe a quickie will do?

On their black broom arrives Adriene Maloof, Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick the 3 wicked witches from the Hills. I know why Adriene and Kyle was there but why did Faye Resnick decide to appear?  My opinion is Adriene called Kyle and told her to bring Faye so she could have as many people on her side as possible. She knows from other events that Faye has a big mouth and has a way of affecting Brandi. Bringing Faye as an intimidation tool because she knows Faye is Brandi’s kryptonite is really foul even for Adriene.

As the women toast to having so much to be thankful for Lisa tells Brandi to cheer to Adriene but of course that doesn’t go over to well. Each woman is then given a gift by Lisa which appears to be designer printed bath robes, Adriene takes her gift, looks at Faye Resnick and throws it on the back of her chair. I guess Adriene really hasn’t gotten over her tiff with Lisa by the look on her face. Then someone says something about suing, I really couldnt tell if it was Taylor or Kyle because the camera wasnt on the initiator and then at that one moment sh– hits the fan. Kyle talks about the white party and of course Taylor makes it about her bringing up how she was turned away from Kyle’s last white party because of a lawsuit that was intiated by her now deceased husband. Kyle apologizes once again and then Adriene says she is not suing Brandi. Then Taylor says Brandi received a letter and Adriene says “there is no letter, look at her character”. Taylor then asks Brandi if she received a letter and Brandi responds that a letter was sent to her attorney.  Adriene says she didn’t send a letter and there was no law suite. Camille out of the blue sides with Adriene and says their is no lawsuit. Then there’s a discussion about a tweet about someone on Adriene staff named Bernie who apparently said something about Brandi which Adriene denied but Bravo posted a tweet for everyone to see that Adriene herself wrote admitting that she knew about the issue.  Lawsuit, no lawsuit who is telling the truth? Did Brandi only receive a cease and desist and is blowing it out of proportion? Is Adriene just a delusional liar who does bad things behind closed doors but want to appear another way when cameras are rolling? Only thing I can say is Adriene Maloof appeared to be a very nice woman who stayed out of drama who always wanted resolutions in the prior seasons and now she’s showing another side of her that appears to be malicious, vindictive and honestly pathetic. The truth about this lawsuit will hopefully come out in future episodes but until then I am team Brandi for now.

All pics from google images


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