ITalkRealityTV News of the Week: “Buckwild” Star Salwa Amin arrested on Felony Drug Charges

Pic from Google Images

Pic from Google Images

TMZ reported the news that Salwa Amin of MTV’s new Realityshow ” Buckwild” was arrested on felony drug charges. TMZ says she was popped for drug possession with intent to deliver which is a felony. According to Starcasm, Salwa was charged with four felony counts of drug of drug possession with intent to distribute. The judge gave her a 200,000 bond for her release which according to her was very steep for someone with no prior arrests. Read the transcript on

Buckwild is a show on MTV about kids from West Virginia having a hillbilly good ole time. From riding on garbage can lids on a back of a quad to bucking it swimming in the back of a dump truck with mattessess as cushions, MTV”S redneck version of the Jersey Shore was such a hit that MTV was talking about a second season of the show. Salwa was not your typical redneck. A beautiful girl who wore high heals in the mud and obvious Asian decent made her a different type of your stereotypical redneck. Unfortunately she got herself involved with antics that could put her away for a very long time. Salwa, your in my prayers girl and I hope to see you on next seasons Buckwild.  MTV spokeswomen Candice Ashton doesn’t have any comments about the areest of Amin. says “the show has drawn critism for what some see as a negative portrayal of the state’s youth”.

To me the show is about a bunch of kids having a good time. I have to admit it bought out the inner hillbilly in me making me want to go out and ride a quad or get my breast painted to go clubbin. Every show you was givin an inside view of what kids in West Virginia do to pass their time. Quad riding, Buckin which is swimming in a large dump truck, shooting soda bottles and water sliding down the hills of Virginia didn’t appear to me to be negative at all. It actually was a brush of fresh air from the drama you see in some reality shows like “Black Ink” where fighting is the only thing these people do in a small harlem tatoo shop. There are always going to be those critics who find the negative in things portrayed on tv but compared to many shows we watch this show isn’t bad at all. All it is a time for the kids of West Virginia to go “Buckwild”.

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