Joe Gorga RHONJ Sizzle on Route 46

Source of pic : US Magazine

Source of pic : US Magazine

US Magazine announced that Joe Gorga has his gorgeous torso on a billboard for Sizzle Tanning Salon.  The billboard is located in Totowa, NJ, off of Route 46 which ironically happens to be near the home of his sister and cast mate Theresa Guidice of RHONJ.  But what could Theresa possible say as she also appeared in an ad for Sizzle Tanning Salon back in 2010?  According to US the NJ based compahy has locations in East Hanover, Morris Plains, Totowa, West Caldwell and Rockaway.  Snooki of the Jersey Shore has also worked with Sizzle.  Us states that Guidice is not happy about her brother’s ad. “theresa is pissed that everyone is congratulating Joe on twitter’, the source for the magazine says.  To read about all the specials Sizzle Tanning has to offer read their site

It’s unfortunate that these two familes war still continues with Theresa being the source of all the families drama. What happened to the days of being happy for a family members success? Theresa Guidice jealousy is destroying this family and im really upset that these two families can’t get over whatever it is that is causing this feud, atleast for all the children that are involved in this mess. We have seen Gia, Theresa’s oldest daughter on many occassions making fun of her Aunt Melissa Gorga and the things that she has said in the past you know has come from the mouths of the adults in her family. And then you see Gia become real emotional as she reads a letter to the families at her sister’s birthday party about how upset she is over all the drama. Joe Guidice has refered to Melissa as horseface and made many slanderous allegations of Melissa’s character. Theresa herself has gone out of her way to destroy Melissa’s reputation on national tv. The minute the camera’s start rolling Melissa gets hit with some slam against her character especially during ” Strippergate ” where   Theresa allegedly had an ex employer of Melissa’s come on tv just to out her about allegedly being a former stripper. Looks like more drama is yet to be seen this season. An ex-boyfriend of Melissa will apear on the show bearing yet again bad news about Melissa’s past.

I am for you Melissa all the way. I think what is happening to you is so wrong and although Theresa is family she sure isnt acting like it and maybe its time for her to cease and desist from all the slanderous remarks against your character which is meant to hurt you personally but professionally as well. It’s time for Theresa to stop the madness and move on. You would think 4 children and such a budding career would occupy her mind but I guess there is still room in it for hate, jealousy and vendicitiveness.  You do you, Melissa..your fans still think you’re great!


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